The Dream

I had a stirring dream in May of 2010 where I was an orphan with dark skin, clothed in rags. I was floating in a bubble across the sea from Africa, along with many other orphans who were floating together with me in their own bubbles.

We floated across the sea together and right in to a Target store in the United States. There were many people checking out in the lines with their baskets full of household items. My bubble floated right between the checkout section and the dollar bins, and we were hovering over the people who were in line. I was extremely happy to see people who could help us. We all began to cry out for help, desperately trying to get their attention, but nobody could hear us. We kept yelling louder and louder, “Help me! Help me!” It became abundantly clear that the people in the store could neither see us nor hear us.

We were ravishingly hungry and thirsty and there right in front of us were the very people who could help us, yet we remained unseen and unheard. I began flailing my arms trying to get the attention of somebody, anybody, but nothing was working.

I finally screamed out at the top of my lungs, “PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!” and at that very moment I woke up to the sound of my own voice crying out. My husband immediately sat up concerned and said, “I’ll help you!”. I was crying and shaking. The dream was so real. The feeling of desperation was overwhelming. I knew that I had do something to help these orphans.

Shortly after having this dream we began to pursue the adoption of a little boy from West Africa who we’ve named Zion. He is five years old and comes from a village that does not have access to clean water or proper nutrition. Zion was very malnourished when he was taken in to the orphanage. His belly was bloated, and his arms and legs were very skinny. Zion along with two of his siblings were brought in to the orphanage because their mother passed away, and their grandparents did not have the means to provide for their needs at all. Good friends of ours heard about the two siblings and jumped at the chance to adopt them. Now both of our families are in the process of bringing these kids home.

We recently had the chance to visit our kids at the orphanage. It was the first trip of two that are needed to complete the adoption process. We thought we were prepared for the poverty we would see, but the needs we saw are far greater than anything we expected.

We met amazing people there who do amazing things to help, and they do it with very few resources. We got to visit an orphanage where the children there pray for an hour each morning just for their daily provision of food and water. We got to meet the director there who has given his life to take care of the orphans, believing God for the daily food and supplies they need to keep the orphanage going.

We saw faith triumph in a place where there are so few material resources. But we also realized that there is so much that we can do to help. This is why we’ve created the site here. We want to help raise awareness of the orphans in Third World countries, and help raise funds to bring them into families, and to help them in their home countries as well.

One thing we’d like to ask of you specifically, as a way to help an orphan, and in honor of the dream we’ve shared that inspired this site, is to pray when you’re checking out at the store (especially when you’re at Target!), and take the purchase price of any unneeded item (or items) that you’re buying and instead of purchasing the item(s), give that money to orphans.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for helping it spread! Please contact us if you have any ideas or ways you’d like to contribute to the development of this site. We pray that it blesses you and compels you to remember the orphan.